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Talk in German 

Professor Berhard Moser  

Cardiff University

Thursday, 14 March  6 p.m. 

City Hall , Room  1


Immunzell Migration im Zentrum von Gesundheit und Krankheit

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for the South Wales Swiss Society 

the date & location will be announced shortly 

Swansea Stammtisch 

the date & location will be announced shortly 


Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox signed a trade agreement in Bern. British exports to Switzerland have grown by 41.1% in the last 5 years

A road traffic agreement was also signed to ensure that carriage of goods by road will remain exempt from authorisation for journeys between the two countries after the UK leaves the European Union

Regardless of whether there is a Brexit deal, Swiss citizens in the UK have their rights protected. Ambassador Fasel explained why in a Facebook live broadcastand read here 

Rules apply for Swiss people coming to work in the UK in a no deal scenario after March 29th click here 

Now and during any transition period, free movement applies between Switzerland and the UK; there are currently no quotas at all. This is based on a bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the EU.

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