A young Swiss in Wales’ first visit to the Embassy of Switzerland in London on the occasion of the Jungburgerfeier


” I have visited Switzerland multiple times throughout my childhood and having a Swiss grandfather, I always felt close to Switzerland at heart and through our local Swiss group we have been able to exercise our Swiss culture in Wales. It was very exciting and honouring to be invited to visit the Swiss Embassy in London and meet the Swiss Ambassador Alexander Fasel. It was a most informative and enjoyable event. I was told of the responsibilities that I hold as a Swiss citizen and the privileges of becoming of age to claim Swiss nationality and voting rights. We had live music from Swiss performer Bastian Baker and after a short online Swiss-related Quiz we were able to go upstairs for a reception and mingle with other young Swiss people and the Ambassador himself. I talked to a few other young Swiss but I think I was the only one from Wales and I couldn’t hear any Scottish accents either. It really was a great experience and I felt stronger connected with the country and its people.”

Samuel Schmidhalter Jones, Glan Conwy, North Wales

Member of the North Wales Swiss Club 
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