Swiss Societies & Swiss groups in Wales

Swiss Societies and Swiss Clubs

Swiss societies or Swiss Clubs all over the world aim to provide opportunities for Swiss nationals and their families living abroad to meet socially in their country of residence, in order to cultivate Swiss culture, customs and languages and thus maintain close links with Switzerland.

History of the Swiss in Wales

Swiss societies and the various informal Swiss groups  in Wales are relatively young in comparision to other Swiss societies and Swiss clubs in the UK.

Swiss in Swansea and South Wales

The first Swiss Club, the ‘Swansea Swiss Club’, was founded in Swansea in 1997.  It was set up after three Swiss met by chance in Swansea and decided to put an advert in the Swiss Review, the magazine for the Swiss abroad, inviting Swiss people living in South Wales to make contact with the group. As a result, a number of Swiss people living in South Wales got in touch. Since interested people came from across a wide area in South Wales, the name ‘Swansea Swiss Club’ was changed to ‘South Wales Swiss Club’ which later became the ‘South Wales Swiss Society’. The members meet twice annually, in Swansea in December and in Pembrokeshire in the summer. 

Swiss in Cardiff

In 2006 a first (Honorary) Consulate of Switzerland was set up in Cardiff by the Embassy of Switzerland in London. It was launched officially in 2007 by Ambassador Lautenberg at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. The new Honorary Consul got in touch with all the Swiss in Cardiff and arranged a meeting with the aim to set up an informal  Cardiff Swiss ‘Club’. the new ‘Club’ was launched in 2007 by the General Consul. 

Website, Logo and Social Media

Also in 2007 a logo and a website was created to help the Swiss community in Wales publicise their events and the new Consulate in Cardiff to advertise its existence. The website provided a useful communication and publicity tool. More Swiss in Wales began to join. up. In 2010  a Facebook group called  Swiss in Wales  was set up 

Swiss in North Wales

A Swiss living in North Wales Swiss came across the ‘Swiss in Wales’ website, liked the logo and got in touch with the Consulate in Cardiff to find out more. As a result the first ‘North Wales Swiss Society’ was launched in Caernarfon by the Honorary Consul in 2011.

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