The Cardiff Swiss

The Cardiff Swiss group was set up in 2007 by the Honorary Consul and was launched in 2008 by Eduard Krall, the Consul General at the Swiss Embassy in London.

Membership: The Cardiff  Swiss group is an informal group of Swiss people living in Cardiff and its environ. There are no membership fees. Costs of any event are shared by those participating. 

The Cardiff Swiss have the opportunity to meet annually in October at the Swiss Ambassador’s Awards Concerts and in February at the annual Mansion House concerts which are organised by the Consulate of Switzerland in Cardiff in association with the Cardiff-Stuttgart Association. In December the Moser family invite members of the Cardiff Swiss to their home for a cosy Raclette evening ‘en famille’. 

If you are on Facebook why not join the closed group Swiss in Wales which is our main tool of communication of information of events and useful info. 

The Honorary Consul sends out information of Swiss events in Cardiff by email to those who have registered their email address with the Consulate in Cardiff.  Register here

Respect of Privacy:

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, email addresses held by the Cardiff Swiss and the Honorary Consul in Cardiff will not be passed on to any third parties without your consent.






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