The Honorary Swiss Consul in Cardiff

Ruth Thomas-Lehmann was appointed in 2006  to represent Switzerland in Wales and act as Honorary Consul.

Mrs Thomas-Lehmann, a Swiss national from Zurich and Basel, has lived in Wales since 1974 after her marriage to a Welshman. They have two grown up daughters and four grandchildren.

Since coming to Wales, Mrs Thomas-Lehmann has obtained a BA Joint Honours in German & French from the University of Wales and worked as a lecturer in Adult, Further and 6th Form Education for over 20 years.  She is a native Swiss German/German speaker, fluent in English and French and also speaks Welsh.

Honorary Consuls
Honorary Consuls are appointed to further the interests of the country they represent by encouraging commercial, academic and cultural activities. They also endeavour to assist, and protect the interests of their nationals. All their work is done within the terms of the Vienna convention, an International Protocol which was drafted and agreed by the International Law Commission, and signed by the respective Governments on 24th April 1963.

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