The Pembrokeshire Swiss

 Swiss in Wales 2  The Pembrokeshire Swiss group was initiated by the Honorary Consul in 2007 and launched in Tenby’s Sailing Club during a visit by Eduard Krall, Consul General at the Swiss Embassy in London.

The Pembrokeshire Swiss is an informal group of Swiss living in Pembrokeshire. 


The Pembrokeshire  Swiss group is an informal group of Swiss people living in Pembrokeshire. There are no membership fees to join the group  Costs of each event are shared amongst participants.

The Swiss National Day in Pembrokeshire

Tthe Swiss National day on 1 August takes place every year by kind invitation of Beat and Elisabeth Wehren who organise a great BBQ and entertainment for the Swiss Community in South Wales and anyone else who want to join them. 

Subscribe to notification of the Swiss National Day

Should you wish to participate in a 1 August event in Pembrokeshire contact  Beat Wehren directly and book for the event by mid July.

We also advise checking our website for up-to-date information about the Swiss National Day and all Swiss our events in Wales.  

There is also a closed  Facebook group  ‘Swiss in Wales’ which advertises events for the Swiss in South Wales. Join the group if you wish to receive news via Facebook.

The Honorary Consul in Cardiff also sends out information by email to those who have registered their email address with the Consulate in Cardiff. Register by sending an email to the Swiss Consulate in Cardiff

Respect of Privacy:

In accordance with data protection, email addresses held by the Pembrokeshire Swiss and the Honorary Consul will not be passed on to any third parties without your consent.


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