The Swansea Swiss

The Swansea Swiss group ( formerly called the South Wales Swiss Society) is the founder and the origin of the Swiss Community in Wales.  It was set up after a chance meeting with a couple of Swiss in Swansea in 1996 and officially launched in 1997 by Robert Mueller, Consul General at the Swiss Embassy in London.

The members meet up at least once a year, at the beginning of  December in Swansea for a pre-Christmas get-together and are in invited in  the summer to join the Pembrokeshire Swiss for the 1st August BBQ


The Swansea  Swiss Club is an informal group of Swiss. There are no membership fees. Costs of each event are shared amongst participants.

1st Advent with the Swansea Swiss

For the last couple of years the Swansea Swiss have met for a  first Advent Sunday social at the Welsh Centre Ty Tawe in Christina Street, Swansea. Everyone brings something to share and Samichlaus makes an appearance for the children. Check out our website for information about this event nearer the date.  


If you are on Facebook why not join the closed group Swiss in Wales which is our main tool of communication of information of events and useful info. 

You can register for our Swiss in Wales and Swiss Consulate News sent from time to time to all Swiss in Wales by the Honorary Consul in Cardiff. Register your e mail address by sending an email to the Swiss Consulate in Cardiff

Respect of Privacy:

In accordance with data protection, email addresses, held by the Swansea Swiss and the Honorary Consul will not be passed on to any third parties without your consent.



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